About Rothar Republic

My name is Brian McIntyre. During late July and August 2013 I cycled the coast and borders of the Republic of Ireland, and using the opportunity to raise money for charity (Peter McVerry Trust).

In the lead up to the 100th anniversary of 1916, I was interested to see how our little country is doing. Cycling its perimeter, observing and talking to its people, is my own way of taking the lie of the land.

This was a 26 day-long expedition and I cycled about 2,000km.

All monies went directly to the Peter McVerry Trust which supports young homeless people in Dublin to break the cycle of homelessness and move towards independent living.


Many thanks to all who donated.

I wrote a list of ‘top ten observations cycling around Ireland’ for The Irish Times. Find it here.

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 16.59.07


11 thoughts on “About Rothar Republic

  1. Hi Brian, this is great. Enjoy your trip and don’t get overrun by the cars! I always thought cycling in Ireland was a little dangerous. Your account is very interesting to read. I shared it on facebook.
    Take care, Kathrin

    • Thanks so much Kathrin. One of the blog posts (my kingdom for two inches) talks about safety issues in cycling. Whilst they are onerous, they’re are never enough to keep me off the road.

  2. Hi Brian, I found the Backcountry Navigator app to be useful to supplement the in – car GPS my wife and I had for our driving visit last May. I loaded topos of Ireland sections at a time as we moved around using WiFi in the B&Bs. You have many map sources to choose from. we used “Open Cycle Map” in the car because we could see elevations for our hunt for birds. Worked a charm. Maps for many countries are available.


  3. Hi Brian,

    Bit of late post, but I was wondering how you cycled the coast? Did you follow the coastline the whole way or were there some inlets of the island that you didn’t cycle along if you get what I mean? I’m keen to try my own cycle around the coast and I’m trying to figure out how long it would take!


    • Hey wes. Good to hear from you. I’ve done the trip twice, once around the whole coast (in 2009, and 2500km) and once tracing the ROI border (in 2013 and 2000km).
      I used ordinance survey maps (expensive!) and always sought the smallest useable road – tertiary routes – closest to the coast. I made some exceptions to my coastline hug on Kerry and Donegal; this is where you can extend your trip or reduce it easiest. For example, I did not do the whole Fanad peninsula as I think it would have been maybe 150km extra. I also avoided the iveragh peninsula (ring of Kerry) as the traffic is crap and no fun. In west cork I did the opposite – tracing every single inlet because it’s beautiful and peaceful. So, in short, I made up my own rules.
      I you want to talk detail, we can chat at some stage.
      Can I say that cycling around ireland in summer was one of the great holidays of my life. Good on you for doing it! Brian.

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